– Project: Storm Waterproofing Systems – Spraylock concrete protection (Spraylock Africa)
– Developers: Attacq & Atterbury
– Cost: R1 billion
– Location: Woodmead, Gauteng (Delloitte)
– Specifications: 42500 m2; 5000 employees; 6 storeys; 4 basement parking levels; 2000 parking bays
– Character: Non-flammable, Does not contain volatile organic compounds

Storm Waterproofing Systems was subcontracted by WBHO to apply their Spraylock concrete protection on an 18828 m2 concrete slab as a protection layer. The benefits of this layer of protection include improved waterproofing, added chemical protection, increased durability and finally reduced scaling and spalling. A significant benefit of using the protection layer is that it can be applied at the same time as concrete placement.

The material ensures that a superior cure to the 28 day water ponding solution can be obtained. Spraylock concrete protection eliminates the need for curing membranes, densifiers, poor hardeners and moisture barriers. Concrete slabs treated with this material can be accessed soon after the layer has been applied. The waiting time before the slab can be accessed after the slab has been treated, is an hour. The technology can be installed with flooring and heating within 14 days after the concrete has set.